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MidCity Excellence Fund the Need

Funding the essential needs of MidCity Excellence Community Learning Center so that we may continue to serve our community

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MidCity Excellence offers free after school and community services for at risk youth and their families. However, we have several opportunities for donations that can help support and sustain our programs. This includes building maintenance, transportation assistance, activity supplies, as well as staff and volunteer acquisition and retainment just to name a few things. Please consider a donation to fund the need of our organization today.

*****Here is an example what your donation will do for our children, the community, and MidCity Excellence.*****+


• Will provide drums, uniforms and transportation for 5 children joining the St. Joe Stixx drumline

• Will provide a year’s maintenance on MCE buses.


• Will provide meals and snacks for 1 month for 45 summer program participants.

• Will pay for snow removal and lawn care for 1 year.


• Will pay 1 month utility bills for 2 buildings.

• Will allow upgrades in computer lab.


• Will pay for field trips for 1 month for 45 youth.

• Will purchase 1 drum set.


• Will help purchase educational materials for after school programs.

• Will provide cleaning supplies for 6 months.


• Will provide healthy snacks for after school tutoring participants.

• Will help purchase fuel for MCE busses